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W6 Wireless Headphones

Product Description

Deteknix Wire-Free Wireless Headphones. It fits all detectors with a 1/4" audio jack, old and new.

Have you ever gotten tied up with your stock metal detectors headphones? Or had them get stuck and get pulled right off
your head? Or when you kneel down to dig a target, does your headphone cord tip over your detector or just get in the way 
of your digging?

Now you can upgrade your metal detector with a pair of wireless headphones just like the high end metal detectors in seconds!

The transmitter provides three ways to attach it to your detector: You can clip it on rod or magnet stick on your control box, 
or even hang it on a piece of metal detector cloth. So you can take it off easily to charge.

The digital audio processor enable it transfer the best quality signal to the compact headphone. The wireless controller is 
water resistant so you donít have to worry getting it splashed on.

    Transfer original, no distortion audio signal
    Only 0.06s delay
    Splash-proof structure
    1 touch button control
    6 hours working time
    Long spring cable
    Easy to attach & secure
    USB rechargeable
    Light weight headphone
    No interference with VLF PI detectors


    Transducer type: Dynamic
    Operating principle: Closed
    Frequency response: 20Ė20,000Hz
    Nominal impedance: 32O
    Sound pressure level: 111dB
    Power handling capacity: 100 mW
    Max. sound pressure level: 131 dB
    Sound coupling to the ear: Supra-aural
    Headband pressure: 2.5N
    Wireless technology: Digital 2.4GHz
    Paring type: Manually Digital
    Weight: 115g
    Charging: USB 2.0
    Power: 3.7VDC
    Current: 40mA
    Battery: 300mAh Li-Poly
    Transmitting power: 5dbm


    Transmitter Cable: 25cm straight+5cm coil
    Connector: W6(6.35mm)
    Attaching: Clip on rod,magnetic attach
    Protection level: Splash-proof
    Control: One touch button
    Accessories: Carry case, adapter , ear pads
    Weight: 33g
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