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A Few Common Complaints

1. My Detector won't turn on. Check your batteries or try a new pack. There are a number of problems resulting in poor battery contact such as corroded contacts in the holder.

2. My Detector won't ground balance. First thing to try is to move the search coil to another area. If you have a friend with a similar search coil try it in place of yours. If you are detecting in sandy soil, there may not be any miniralization to ground balance to. You can also contact your local dealer to see if he has one you can test on your unit.

3. My Detector makes random signals. This is a common problem when using any detector since the search coil transmits a signal and the receive coil is tuned to detect any changes in the field anything can trigger a target response. Electric fences, Power lines, Satellite Dishes, even another detector. Electrical noise is difficult to diagnose since it has no boundary. If you have a am radio just turn it down to 550 on the dial and listen to all the static you may be surprised of the amount of noise is around you.

4. Scrolling screen on XLT DFX. In most cases, this is caused by the pin point (trigger) switch being flipped into the forward position. Pull the trigger switch towards you and release which will take care of the problem.